Hello, Sweetie.

Hello friends, my name is Vivian and I'm 17. I live in the United States and I enjoy many movies, television shows, books, and more. Some of my favorite things include eating and sleeping.



Bird Music

This is how they write Jazz

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things white ppl say in movies

girl:what are you doing?
boy:something i should have done a long time ago


why dream big and get let down when u can aim for mediocrity and achieve it <333

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Koalas having an argument.

if you have never heard a koala noise before, here is yr chance

they sound like fuzzy bike horns

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dr who series 2 episode guide

episode christmas:dr who takes a nap; santa robots take offense
episode 1:dr who visits futurama and the loose skin returns
episode 2:duran duran strikes again
episode 3:k9 vs giles
episode 4:extreme fashion robots turn murderous but are stopped by a pun
episode 5/6:gay mickey and roses zombie dad save the world from angry tall people. rose gets turned into a small dog
episode 7:"tv will eat your soul" says the tv show that is being shown on a tv
episode 8/9:you just HAD to land on top of satan didnt u dr
episode 10:elton john & moaning mertyl exist for 40 minutes
episode 11:friendly alien uses a small child as it's unwilling host body and sends people to the cornfield
episode 12:torchwood appears for the 1st time and fucks everything up in less than 2 minutes, which is a full 2 minutes longer than it usually takes them.
episode 13:the dr peacefully sends everyone to hell, and, bitter that he didnt succeed with rose, destroys a solar system to make up for it.
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